Update PUBG Free Account List May 2019

Update PUBG Free Account List May 2019 – For those who want to enjoy a great FPS game, PUBG could be one of the special games to download. This game is quite special by its great graphic, features, characters, events and others. However, the game is actually not free. Players need to buy the license in order to play it. Some players look for the update PUBG free account list in order to get the free ways to play. Is that possible to get?

Update PUBG Free Account List 2018

Sites to Get Free Account

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get the free account of PUBG. Yes, it is because the developers keep the verification tight. However, there are some sites providing free PUBG steam key for the solution. Let us see what kinds of that sites below.

  • Orlygift

The first site that could be used to get the PUBG free account list is Orlygift. Yes, it is a good site, which will give the free steam game by the lottery. However, to get the access, you need to log in and have level 1 profile. In common, this site provides the indie games. However, in some conditions, they also draw AAA games, including PUBG for free.

  • FreeSteamKeys

In this site, you also could find many free accounts for many games. In common, the steam key providing here is used for the indie games. However, there is also chance to get the key for PUBG. Well, the developer will show the information about the status of the steam game link, so you will be easy to find the active one.

  • GrabTheGames

GrabTheGames also could be good option to get the steam game for free. This site will draw many kinds of the steam games, including PUBG. It is very easy to follow the program of this site, so you may apply it for getting PUBG account for free.

Well, based on the explanation above, you may see some option of sites that provide update PUBG free account list. Choose the one of those sites and get the free games, as you want.

And now we will share to you some PUBG free accounts which we got from forums and group of facebook. Check below:

username: farmenhundroza@gmail.com
pass: lobundan444

username: martinstrakspubg@gmail.com
pass: mym4rtinpubg

username: sangmaestropubg@gmail.com
pass: maestr00pubg

username: jaelanikonkowiyo09@gmail.com
pass: bangij4l

username: franszchutpubg@gmail.com
pass: p4kfranszz

Description: update PUBG free account list could be found in some sites, which provide the option of great steam games. Go to those sites to get it. Also read Free PUBG Accounts Giveaway 2019.

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