PUBG Free Accounts Season 14 Royale Pass 100

PUBG Free Accounts Season 14 Royale Pass 100 – PUBG Mobile has released its latest update on all global servers on July 7, 2020, and Royale Pass Season 14 has been followed on July 14, 2020. Each season’s Royale Pass arrives with new clothes, vehicle, skins and other cool skins in the game. A player needs to buy a Royale Pass Elite worth 600 UC to get all these cool prizes. Certainly players will not regret the gifts for the latest season of PUBG Mobile 14.

Whats you will be got in RP 100 ?

The best gift from Royale Pass Season 14 for players is definitely the M416 weapon skin. This skin is called Avian Tyrant, and will complement the Mythic outfit for 100 RP. Skin will be present at rank 90 in Season 14 Royale Pass. This skin is very good to use and guaranteed that you will be very comfortable using it on your players.

Reward M416 Season 14 RP 100 PUBG Mobile

In addition to the M416 skin above, of course you will also get helmet skins, bags, parachutes, pans, and vehicles to support your battle. Don’t forget to use new emote and black commander as well on your game.

RP 100 Season 14 PUBG Free Accounts

How to get PUBG Season 14 RP 100 Free Accounts ?

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As always, we will give several accounts 100% free for you. In this giveaway of free PUBG accounts, you just need to login to accounts below, if success means that accounts you get. Okay without any further ado, let’s check list accounts below.

Username : JaniferTrooz
Password : %bKUF98Aa

Username : WrackTruok
Password : Bid8Dchsewi#$

Username : Krouwtqbno
Password : *nkUHZ8ySD

Username :gALILEOmartin
Password : MartinG444

Username : Lumineeer
Password : &biZO3YG

Username : Hangswa
Password : Hang_swa_chen

Username : Kortexzzz
Password : Korte333xz

Username : Plumindout
Password : ;lPKh(*Uvcsda

Username : Scovaniv
Password : Scoo000012

Username : Trandiong
Password : Tran444d10n6

Okay I think this is all for today. Just check this website to grab another accounts of PUBG Mobile, because we will keep updating you. Thank you so much and Cheers!

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