PUBG Account Royale Pass Level 91-100 Free

PUBG Account Royale Pass Level 91-100 Free – PUBG Mobile is the most popular game in the world for now with Battle Royale type which presents intense battles with 100 players. In the PUBG Mobile game many systems and items are so exclusive which the player wants to get them. Seeing this, PUBG Mobile has created a Royale Pass system where players can now get exclusive items for the season that can be opened by obtaining a certain level.

Free PUBG Account Royale Pass Level 100
Free PUBG Royale Pass Level 100

How to get PUBG Royale Pass ?

To reach a certain level, PUBG Mobile will give a mission where the mission is awarded a Royale Point which will later become a level. 100 Royale Points equals 1 level, in each level there will be a variety of prizes, ranging from clothing items, weapon skins, portable closet, and several other items.

Complete Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission is a mission given with 50 points for 4 regular Royale Pass missions and 100 points for Royale Pass Elite which you can only access if you have already purchased Royale Pass Elite for 600 UC or can choose the other one for 1600 UC and you are immediately located at level 25.

The mission will be very varied, such as killing enemies using certain weapons, jumping in certain areas, or collecting certain items in the game. This mission will be updated every week there are 6 missions with prizes of 50 points and 4 missions with prizes of 100 points, which means there are 700 points per week that you can get. If in the Royale Pass time span is 8 weeks, that means you in the mission get a total of around 5600 points or around 56 levels, which means you have reached half of the total 100 levels offered by this game.

Complete Daily Mission

Daily mission have a total of 40 points, divided into 2 sessions the first login will get 10 points plus a varied mission with an additional 30 points. If you play full time for 8 weeks and complete all the missions then you will get around 2240 points or around 22 levels. If added to the level of the results of the Challenge Mission will get about 78 levels, only less than 22 levels of 100 levels available.

Free PUBG Account with Royale Pass Level 91-100

In this post, I will provide you several PUBG Mobile account with Royale Pass Season 13 which have 91-100 Level for each. Make sure you try to login this account below and claim it as yours. Okay without any further do, let’s go check account list below.

Username : Zagarebag
Password : Zagareb&&
Level : 99

Username : Namopona8
Password : poNs$671
Level : 96

Username : jermiah990
Password : my_jeremy4H
Level : 91

Username : gibsonlopezzz
Password :gibs0000n
Level : 92

Username : king_devil
Password : hHcv8w$f0nj
Level : 100

Username : Unamartinaz
Password : k(*bfcagGJK
Level : 99

Username : matsvanHumb
Password : mats79Hudg
Level : 100

Username : savier_major
Password : major_savi8
Level : 95

Username : kingunamed
Password : nonamePa55
Level : 100

Username : metrikovskyy
Password : metrikovsk111
Level : 93

Username : alinandoY001
Password : Alin4ndo781
Level : 97

Username : ghostPUBG
Password : ChickenHunter1
Level : 100

Username : teamsmates
Password : PUBGmast3r
Level : 100

Username : Anaklovirek
Password : H783rJKqwakj
Level : 99

Username : Rendoklorekc
Password : SWAV8ewk7
Level : 100

Username : Kolinsstev
Password : Kolinsatev823r
Level : 100

Username : Amazonriver
Password : Amazone12345
Level : 98

Username : jillbreakk
Password : h87b009Bcas
Level : 100

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That’s all free royale pass level 91-100 for today. To claim the accounts, your just need to login, and if success, you can claim and reset the password then. But if fail to login, that is mean someone others already take it. So, make sure you take it fast guys. Last but not least, don’t forget to always check new post in this website to get further accounts stocks. Thank you friends and have a great day!

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