Free PUBG Royale Pass Elite 100 Max Season 15

Free PUBG Royale Pass Elite 100 Max Season 15 – We have entered September 2020 period where PUBG Mobile has released the Royale Pass Season 15. This is the moment we are waiting for because based on some previous leaks, season 15 presents a unique theme from before. For those of you who really like the PUBG Mobile costumes from the previous season, it’s guaranteed that this season you won’t be disappointed.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 presents a Ninja theme with several unique skins such as Shadow Assassin Outfit, Samurai Ops Outfit, Shadow Assassin Headgear, and Samurai Ops AKM weapon. You can get this cool skin when you reach the Elite Royale Pass Max level of 100. For more details, let’s see the review below.

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The first time you enter Season 15, you will be presented with an opening video showing a Ninja character. It can be seen from the costumes used that the Ninja here depicts a character who is fast and strong in battle.

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To get a complete skin, as usual you have to complete several Weekly Missions. But you can immediately upgrade your Royale Pass to Elite Level by issuing 500-4000 UC. This of course depends on the UC you have.

What will you get on Season 15 RP 100

Season 15 pubg mobile free accounts
Free PUBG accounts season 15 RP 100
  1. Shadow Assassin Outfit
  2. Shadow Assassin Headgear
  3. Golden Nights Backpack
  4. Silver Star Outfit
  5. Samurai Ops Helmet
  6. Samurai Ops AKM
  7. Royal Finish Plane
  8. Samurai Ops Smoke Grenade
  9. The Thompson Gauntlet

Free PUBG Accounts Season 15 RP Max 100

As usual we will make a PUBG account giveaway with a Royale Pass Max 100. We have 3 accounts for you to fight over. So make sure you grab it fast. If you don’t get it, we will share the pubg season 15 account again for free in the next post. Let’s go check the list below.

Username : Gunz_bredo
Password : kang_Gunz1

Username : Alexpruerto
Password : Alex&h83y2v8

Username : Kuntowijoyo
Password : *nBwefhjio

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That’s Giveaway pubg accounts season 15 for this time. In the next few days we will share many accounts on this site. So, make sure you come back and check out our latest posts. Thanks and cheers!

Free PUBG Royale Pass Elite 100 Max Season 15 | Arman Halim | 4.5
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