Free PUBG Accounts Season 14 Release July

Free PUBG Accounts Royale Pass Season 14 Release July – PUBG Mobile has confirmed officially release new Season 14 “Spark The Flame“. This is the further season after previous Season 13 has ended on July 12th. Now this new season is available on your mobile and seems hype for every PUBG players. Very interesting to watch what is new on Royale Pass season 14, like maps and weapons update.

free pubg account royale pass season 14

Quick Update About PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 15

Even though the Season 14 is just started, Tencent Games seems like give the quick news regarding Season 15. This news obviously make a little confusion and curious for players. But, in this post I just wanna focus to Season 14 for our discussion.

What’s new on Royale Pass Season 14?

As the name implies for Royale Pass Season 14, a lot of fire ornaments are ready to burn the battlefield of the players. Royale Pass Season 14 presents several new skins that are mostly themed like in the Mad Max Fury Road film. Yet more interesting is the mythical level 100 outfit with a pretty bright color. Carrying blue combined with purple on each side, this outfit is perfect for use even though it doesn’t require a small amount of money to make up for it.

Royale Pass Season 14 update also adds subscription features to RP Prime and RP Prime Plus, which is an exclusive collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Google PlayStore. With the same price players can get more benefits than usual. There is also the addition of something new to the classic mode on the Enrangel map. Players will find an icon like a tent when opening the map at a certain point. Like a leak that had spread some time ago.

Free PUBG Account Royale Pass Season 14

Even though Royale Pass Season 14 is just started, we try to collect several accounts from several forums and rooms, which is still have low level from 1-10. With no further do, let’s go check Royale pass season 14 accounts list below for giveaway.

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Username : BijiBungaMatahari
Password : BBMatahari1
Level : 3

Username : Kujangsatu
Password : HckA^cKJH
Level : 5

Username : Lunggamgaol
Password : gaol*bikas8
Level : 4

Username : Martinpetros
Password : Acvy(CVSAJ
Level : 4

Username : Masberoku
Password : CXtfacs78@
Level : 4

Username : Wolfgangiwa
Password : wolf_gang2
Level : 9

Username : Aliandroo0
Password : Aliandroo0
Level : 6

Username : Junior_PUBG
Password : NBc7JBvas@
Level : 5

Username : Gogorio
Password : B_cadsiuh&6
Level : 5

Username : Peqwobat
Password : 0987NBce6t
Level : 5

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I think this is all for today’s quick update about PUBG Accounts Royale Pass Season 14. We are sorry for sharing low level accounts to you all. In further post, I will try to provide more accounts with medium-high level. So, make sure you come back here and check new post in this web. Okay thank you and have a nice weekend!

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