Free PUBG Accounts Royale Pass Level 81-90

Free PUBG Accounts Royale Pass Level 81-90 – Previously, as we know, PUBG Mobile has just reset their season, with the resetting of this season the rank of all PUBG Mobile players will be lowered based on their best achievement of the season. But behind the resetting of the ranks, PUBG Mobile also gave many prizes to players for appreciation of their played until it reached the highest rank.

For addition, there is also a new season called Royale Pass Season 13, where a lot of free gifts are obtained from the event. There are easy way to get the gifts, you only have to complete a few missions given by PUBG Mobile and the mission will help you raise your royale pass level so that you can get all the prizes on the royale pass.

Free PUBG Accounts Royale Pass Level 81-90

How to get Royale Pass and what is benefits of that?

The mission given is also classified as a mission that is very easy, call it like playing on the map of Erangel and down in the city of School, killing opponents using a Scar-L weapon, killing opponents using grenades and many other easy missions. If all of these missions are carried out, then you are entitled to take prizes at each level of the Royale Pass that you have achieved, such as motor vehicle skins, bag skins, cool costumes and others. But there is one of the coolest according to the personal author of all the prizes provided by PUBG Mobile in Royale Pass Season 13, the weapon skin on AUG, looks very elegant and simple, certainly cool to have.

In previous post, we are already give you PUBG Mobile free account with royale pass level 90-100. Now we will give you more free accounts royale pass season 13 with level 81-90. Make sure you take it fast before someone others. Let’s go check the list below.

PUBG Royale Pass Level 81-90 Free Accounts

Username : Jemmytuklonder
Password : MyJemmy127

Username : Naomonkeket@ gmail .com
Password : Wbswd8cfdb09

Username : Pangeran_kiwi
Password : kiwiperson333l

Username : mataharipagipubg@ Hotmail .com
Password :mataharipubg66

Username : deviddavid
Password : 9Ahf^hfwk

Username : klanszerguyo
Password : Hw$#1jhbv9

Username : Hanzkrtuss
Password :Hanzkort44a

Username : major_pubgmobile
Password : n7Nc^%f243n

Username : Femmiimaya
Password : maya_Feem1

Username : Lendertujokik
Password : *bnweki%fewrjCF

Username : Renaldo_CR7
Password : R333nald000

Username : Ghost_Hunter
Password : Jh8cbwq)(cwj

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Username : stevanov_lucia
Password : lucia_stev

Username : Gordengorden
Password : HFq1I)(cwekn

Username : Junior_blast
Password : blast_Juniia

Username : Martin_Hutapea
Password : MartinHut4

Username : Donaldyory
Password : YoryDonald

Username : gaspolpubg
Password : H3h3admin

Username : Klotukop
Password : Bfcw87bJ(

Okay I think this is all giveaway pubg accounts for today. If you somehow couldn’t have any account from list above, please wait for further giveaway. So, make sure you always check new update in this website. Thanks all and have a nice day!

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