Free PUBG Account Full Royale Pass Season 13

Free PUBG Mobile Account Full Royale Pass Season 13 – In PUBG Mobile we can assume the new season is the same as starting the game all over again, it’s just that in-game items are not lost. So if you have unsatisfied statistics in the previous season, this could be a golden opportunity to start a new stat that is still “fresh” at the beginning of season.

Free PUBG Account with Royale Pass Season 13
Free PUBG Account with Royale Pass Season 13

What is PUBG Mobile Royale Pass?

If we flashbacks to last season is not bad so many have been applied to Leagcy for Season 13, such as: Adding new maps, sets of costumes and the latest weapon skin, besides Royale Pass prizes, there are also new Achievements.

Until now, PUBG Mobile has gained grossing increasing score since presenting the Royale Pass into this game. Currently PUBG Mobile is also ranked first for the “top grossing” category in the Play Store. Being the main key to increasing grossing at PUBG Mobile, of course Royale Pass gives its players good service and features. Players who spend money will get feedback that is commensurate or even more worth it.

What is benefit if you have Royale Pass?

Royale Pass can be increased to level 100, you can get interesting prizes that have been waiting for each level, Royale Pass prizes stop when you reach level 60, even though the Royale Pass level can still be increased. Unlike the usual Royale Pass, players who have already bought Elite Pass can continue to take prizes up to level 100, not only that players who have already bought Elite Pass also get a much more attractive prize.

Players will get assignments in the form of Daily Missions and Challenge Missions which can be completed to increase rank in Royale Pass. Missions in the Daily Missions are fairly easy compared to missions in Challenge Missions, maybe because they are classified as daily missions so the Daily Missions do not want to burden their players with difficult tasks. Players who have already purchased Elite or Elite Plus have an additional mission that gives Royale Points a lot more.

How to buy PUBG Mobile Royale Pass?

After we know what is benefit to have PUBG Mobile Royale Pass, for you who interested to buy Royale Pass, you can directly go to Play Store and buy Unknown Cash (UC) first before buy a Royale Pass. But in this post, I am not gonna tell you how to buy PUBG Mobile Royale Pass, because I will share you some PUBG Account with Royale Pass Included 100% Free instead.

Free PUBG Account with Royale Pass Season 13

Username : ZraghrevUI
Password : hTbna*b23

Username : Martinsfpo
Password : 72NJIDnujs#

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Password : pJb&#dbT

Username : qbewinoN
Password :Pn)9%vcYa

Username : jhonylubiartt
Password : msJH8@fn12

Username : kartikaAhmed
Password : 1*nbfoa)R

Username : yudhamgaluh
Password : lHbsb83K0

Username : sharivrajev
Password : 78$5bvaknB

Username : Sangkarrewis
Password : ubuanJR&4

Username : cloegorjia
Password : Nb&nbal21

Username : fernandozzT
Password : Bc%%nvajkY

Username : volcom2002
Password : Vvolcom2002

Username : zakreeemalek
Password : Bka8snal)a2

Username : Hundersonfeig
Password : jKcakb^^nvask

Username : Brunocikoryy
Password : BasknUBc*!

Username : edgarGamerss
Password : my3dgar4a

Username : Malikathulhosen
Password : H0s3n12345678

Okay that is all for today, and accounts is limited, so make sure you grab it fast. If you did not found available accounts you can check this post to find other accounts : Free PUBG Account Gmail 100% Working.

In the next post I will make giveaway for next free PUBG Account, so don’t forget to come back to this website. And if you looking for free Premium Steam account please click that link. Okay see you later and have a good day guys!

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