Free Accounts PUBG Mobile With 30,000 UC

Free Accounts PUBG Mobile With 30,000 UC – UC (unknown cash) PUBG is the name of the currency that Tencent Game uses to name the currency in this war game. UC is just like paper money, to get it we have to buy it through a top-up or it can also be purchased using a credit card.

Usually, we can buy UC using a credit card at a price in dollars. However, there are also many parties who sell UC in another currencies. You can search for UC PUBG Mobile top-up provider apps on the Play Store.

The UC price is quite expensive so not all PUBG players can buy it. Therefore, players usually look for UC by participating in tournaments or giveaway. Of course it will be very beneficial if players get free UC from these methods.

PUBG Mobile UC Price

As an illustration, the UC prices in the PUBG Mobile game are as follows:

PUBG Mobile UC Price

What is UC used for

It feels incomplete to play PUBG Mobile if you don’t have UC because to get some weapon skins, vehicle skins, or clothing skins, we have to pay for it in UC currency.

Free PUBG Mobile Accounts with 30,000 UC

Now in this article, we want to share several accounts in which there are UCs with various values ​​ranging from 10,000 to 30,000. You can have them by trying to log into the following account. If successful, you can take the account. But if it fails, it means that someone else’s account has been taken.

Let’s just look at the list of free PUBG accounts with premium UC below.

Username : Bartozz_krus
Password : Hvkjh*&vwe
UC amount : 10,000

Username : Galonytro
Password : Pnvw87Hsg823
UC amount : 12,000

Username : kRAMETHS
Password : %_%kramets
UC amount : 15,000

Username : Dandelions
Password : JHB&^hncw78
UC amount : 17,500

Username : Payopayo
Password : myPayo123
UC amount : 30,000

For you unlucky person, if you are still looking for free pubg account with high UC amount, you can visit out another post.

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Thank you so much guys, keep playing and very impatient welcoming new PUBG Mobile Season. So keep visiting this website to find another giveaway. Cheers!

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