CoC TH 13 Free Accounts, Are You Ready?

CoC TH 13 Free Accounts, Are You Ready? – Supercell was announced the most popular game, Clash of Clans, for Town Hall 13 update on December 2019. They were launched the update before Christmas last year. That was the present you all of you right before coming 2020. And now, have you played it already?

After the great 5-6 years Clash of Clans, finally we can greet the highest level (for now) of CoC. Personally, I still hope will see another update further, and obviously you will too. So, just see whats Supercell gonna make this happen or not.

TH 13 CoC Free Accounts Giveaway

For your information, the TH 13 theme is “Dark Elixir and Ice” so Supercell gonna make this update more dark and iced than before. For sure to playing this TH 13 you should be came from TH 12 and maximize the Giga Tesla level.

Obviously this update will give new features made this game more real, exciting, and interesting to play. You will served any features in the battle that never happen before. So, whats the detail you have to know about new features, lets check my summary bellow.

Whats the new features of Town Hall 13 Clash of Clans?

  1. Giga Inferno
  2. Scattershot
  3. New Hero : Royal Champion
  4. Yeti and Siege Barracks
new feature giga inferno Th 13 CoC
Giga Inferno TH 13 CoC

1. Giga Inferno
Giga inferno will protect your Town Hall from enemies attack. The Giga Inferno special skill is multi-target which is coming out from your tower. It’s also will spread the fire away more than Tesla. When the enemies destroyed your Town Hall, Inferno will be exploded and give true damage to your enemies. This explosion will also create ice storm and inhibit the movement of your enemy.

scattershot th 13 coc
Scattershot defense feature TH 13

2. Scattershot
The scattershot is new exclusive defense that is separete building. As per the name, Scattershot will hit initial target at first, and the scater will explode to next target behind initial target then. So, for you that use to hiding troops right behind tanks, that will impacted a lot.

Th 13 CoC Royal Champion New Hero free account
Royal Champion Th 13 CoC

3. Royal Champion
The next one I very surely this is the most thing you are waiting for. Yes, this is the new Hero for this update, Supercell named “Royal Champion“. As we know in Th 12 have Grand Warden, so for this one is Royal Champion. She can jump the walls using her spear. The statistic say terrible damage and hit point per second for this hero. So, you must be careful.

Yeti Th 13 CoC Troop
Yeti Th 13 Troop

4. Yeti & Siege Barracks
Next is troop and siege machine that will give true damage to your opponent. Take cover your Town Hall and give attack to your enemy with this troop to win the battle. Last but not least, don’t forget to combine your troops, up to your strategy.

CoC TH 13 Free Accounts Giveaway

After this quick summary, hopefully you imagine how is it will become good clash for your day. And at the and of this article, as always I will share to all of you of my “collections”. Just got this TH 13 accounts from my friends on Facebook, Google+, and Gmail, also my own personal account of this game. Let’s check the CoC TH 13 free accounts list below.

User : Rajiv_shongkev
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User : oni99berlyg
Pass : on1199ber

As always, just check the active accounts and save it for your personal. Hopefully can share more free CoC account in this 2020 for you soon. So, please help to share and like this post if you like. Bye bye and see you later guys.. 🙂

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